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Dwaraka Visit


India is a large pilgrim place for the whole world. It is a pious land. Dwarka, which was the capital of Lord Krishna`s empire has special importance as one of the major pilgrim places. Last vacation our family made a trip to this holy city by taking the Coimbatore express. The journey took 30 hours. We reached Ahmedabad at 3p.m.the next day. From here we took a bus which took about 8 hours .We rested during the night.

Next morning in the town we visited the Dwarka temple or Jagat Mandir. It is situated on the banks of river Gomti at a height of 40 ft. The height of the temple is 157ft. It has two shikhars

  1. Ladwa shikhar,
  2. Nij shikkhar.

We entered the temple from the entrance at the north. God Dwarkadhish is facing eastward, this entrance is known as the “Moksh Dwaar”. To the south is the “Swarg Dwaar”, from where we reached the banks of the river Gomti by stepping down 56 steps. Further we continued to the back side of the temple where the Patrani temple is surrounded by various other temples including – Shri Jambhuvatiji, Shri Radhikaji with Lord Krishna, Shri Laxminarayan, Shri Gopal Krishna, Shri Laxmiji, Shri satyabhamaji, and Shri Saraswatiji temple.

Adjacent to the Patrani temple is the Math of Shri Shankracharyaji. Then we went to the south of Nij temple to visit the Tri-Vikramji temple famous for its unique sculpture works, on one side of the temple is the eagle and on the other side are attractive idols of Shri Ganesh – Laxmi. To the opposite side is temple of Shri Madhavrajji with a huge worship pandal or the ‘Darshan-Mandap.

There is a shopping centre at the Teen batti chowk from where you can avail of bus and auto rickshaw services. We took an auto and visited the

  1. Nageswar Jyotisling Mandir
  2. Bhadrakeshwar mahadev temple sunset point,
  3. Rukshmini mandir,
  4. Amavasya darshan, and
  5. Gomti sangam ghat.

There are many dharamshalas. Near the post office is the Visroliya dharamshala it charges Rs 50 per head. The Bangad dharamshala is near the vegetable market. The Gayatri Mandir dharamshala which charges Rs. 100 per head. Near the Geeta mandir is the Birla Dharamshala. Near the Bhadrakeshwar is the Swaminarayan mandir which has a guest house, the charges for one thali is Rs 15. Here we had our dinner and went to Gayatri Dharamshala for the night.

Next morning we took a bus and visited Porbandar, Harshad mataji, Somnath, Between Dwarka.and Okha. We then returned to Ahmedabad by bus. Next morning we took our train to Bangalore and reached the next day in afternoon. It was an enjoyable journey and a wonderful experience.

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